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Premier League Mid-Season Review

It’s not quite the half-way point but the New Year seems like a good time to see where each Premier League team are up to in this weird and turbulent season. And who better to hear it from than the fans themselves. We’ve compiled some great voices on each Premier League team to run through […]

Finding the Next… Virgil Van Dijk

INTRO Blog number 3 in the “finding the next…” series and it is the guy. The guy I have had the most requests and messages about writing a blog on. And with his recent injury, it seems even more pertinent to attempt to find the next… Virgil Van Dijk. If you haven’t read the previous […]

Finding the Next… Fabinho

INTRO If you haven’t read my previous blog (, I recently introduced a simple 3 step approach to recruitment. The idea is: you decide the type of player you want, use a machine learning model to highlight players who are stylistically similar from a statistical point of view, use another data tool to see which […]

How Can Arsenal Cause an Upset Away at Man City?

Full opposition analysis of Pep Guardiola’s side INTRO With the Premier League returning on the 17th June, I thought it would be cool to do a full opposition analysis, as if I were a first-team analyst at Arsenal, for their game away at Manchester City. This was compiled based on City’s last 6 Premier League […]

Using Data to Find Players Who Could Be Great in Another Position

Can we find the next Alphonso Davies? INTRO I’ve always been interested in players who could potentially excel in another position. Player recruitment is all about find good players for good value. The opportunity here, is to find players who are undervalued in their current position but could be of considerable value in another. Anyone […]

How Good was David Beckham (and could he have played another position?)

Data & video analysis on the cultured midfielder INTRO The name David Beckham invokes strong emotional reactions in people. Particularly in the UK, he’s either one of your childhood heroes or he’s an overindulged, overpaid prima donna. There is no middle ground. Or at least these more sensible people are quieter on Twitter. He’s massively […]

What Can William Saliba Bring to Arsenal?

A dive into the video to see what the young Frenchman can bring to Arsenal INTRO I wrote recently about Arsenal’s struggles when it comes to the recruitment of Centre Backs (Part 1 here  & Part 2 here). There seemed to be a turning point post the departure of Sol Cambell in 2006, where Arsenal […]

Finding Arsenal’s Next Centre Back Part 2

Filling the gaps in data analysis with traditional/video scouting INTRO I wrote recently about the search for Arsenal’s next Centre Back using data (check it out here: Click Me). I will refer to that quite a lot in this piece, so probably worth a read in advance. Naturally part 2 of this process, and what […]

Finding Arsenal’s Next Centre Back

A dive into the data to see if we can highlight some interesting CB options for further scouting. ————————————– INTRO “Arsenal need better defenders” feels like a phrase that has been around since the dawn of time. In reality, it has probably had some credence since Sol Campbell left the club in 2006. In came […]