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Tactical and recruitment analysis blog for football from a former Performance Analyst (West Ham United & Crystal Palace). Blending modern data analysis with traditional video scouting. Finding out more by clicking below! Currently helping to change the game with Metrica Sports.

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Player Similarity | MODEL

Machine Learning model built in Python.

Select any player and be presented instantly with the most similar players in terms of playing style from 30+ leagues and multiple seasons of data. 

Position and role specific metrics used to isolate the players that perform most similarly on the pitch to the selected player.

Player iD | TOOL

Interactive player performance tool.

Compare any 2 players on key role-specific metrics and see their last two seasons performance at a glance.

Percentile ranks provide an easy way to see how well each player is performing relative to other players in their league and position.

For the full version with multiple leagues and seasons, get in touch.


Elite level Video Analysis Platform used by some of the biggest and best clubs in the world.

Add dynamic visualisations with the click of a button – speed and distance tracker, spotlight, trace runs, future run indicator – and many more. Visit or get in touch to find out more for your club!